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Designed for your eco life.


We believe in creating functional Eco-friendly bags for your everyday life. 

It all starts with an idea.  

One of our biggest frustrations is seeing women everywhere attempt the “two bag shuffle." There just wasn't a bag out there designed for both personal and “active” life, so most women end up carrying a purse as well as a second grocery, travel, gym, or diaper bag. Not only is this a burden on our shoulders, it’s a juggling act!

After attempting to find the perfect all-in-one bag for ourselves we quickly realized that a stylish bag with waterproof compartments simply didn’t exist. So we decided to make a bag that both looked great and could handle the ever changing needs of the busy modern woman.

Our Sustainable Materials 

Our Ultrafabrics® vegan leather is Eco-friendly and moisture, stain, and mildew resistant. Unlike the plastic feeling of most vinyl (faux leather) materials, Ultrafabrics® feels like soft Italian leather yet no animals were harmed in the process.

Our lining is waterproof and made from recycled materials. It will not only protect your valuables and your bag from minor spills, it's also stain resistant.

All eba totes have the same two interior compartments with an eco-friendly waterproof lining. Perfect for your purse essentials on one side and your "activity" items on the other. With eba totes, the possibilities are endless.





Designed with you in mind.

eba totes is designed to work with your multifaceted life. One compartment features a large interior pocket as well as a zipper pocket for all your personalitems. The second compartment features an elastic bottle holder and is designed for everything else. Travel, baby, and gym items just to name a few!

Don't worry though, if you do have a spill, it's fine! The water proof lining in all eba totes makes for easy clean up without destroying the items in the opposite compartment.

Our Eco-Friendly Message

At eba totes, we strive to make high quality bags while sourcing Eco-friendly materials. For us, we know that there is always more we can do in order to reduce our impact on the world, so we strive to reduce our Eco foot print with every new line, whether it's through materials, production, and even packaging, we will aspire to be a little greener with every bag. 

Perfect for shopping, traveling, beach days and much more! The vegan leather is amazing and the water proof interior makes a great everyday bag. Whether I’m traveling the world or just going to school the bag is always on my shoulder. I love the simple tote design which goes with any outfit! I love this bag! #totesmagotes
— Natalie
This bag has been extremely handy in me and my husband’s exploits and adventures , and also in just my everyday activities such as the gym or stop at the market on the way home...very durable and soooooooooooo gorgeous...#BestBagEver
— Kendra

I absolutely LOVE my bag! It comes with me everytime I leave the house and as a busy mom I like knowing I have everything I could possible need for a day away from home. I highly recommend these totes to anyone who enjoys being prepared while still be stylish! ❤
— Beth

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